Enrollment Process Overview:

  1. Thoroughly read the Handbook
  2. Return the completed student application
  3. Payment of non-refundable enrollment fee ($150 per student) if newly enrolling (due at the time of application is received); non-refundable re-enrollment fee ($150 per student) if re-enrolling (due on the Spring enrollment dates set by the school)
  4. A signed release form for Heartland Christian School to send to the student’s former school for all previous school records
  5. Either the school administrator or the Board will schedule a conference with both parents and the student to determine if the student will be accepted
  6. Parents must indicate a willingness to be involved in school activities
  7. Students will be accepted in order by date of paid application. Returning families maintain their priority for admission over new families as long as they have paid the nonrefundable application fee and stay current in their financial obligations.
  8. The first grading period will be probationary for all new students.
  9. The school administration has the authority to give a diagnostic test for new students. This test will determine the grade placement of the student

All enrollment/re-enrollment of Heartland Christian School students is based solely on the school board’s approval. Faculty, teachers, coaches, and administrator evaluations of the students will be considered in the board’s final decision.

Tuition Payment Option

Option #1: Pre-Pay the full amount of the school year. Total payment must be received by the first day of school.
      (Books will not be issued to the student until the tuition is paid in full.)
Option #2: Pre-Pay the full amount of a semester. Total payment of the first semester must be received by the first day of school and payment of second semester must be received by the day school resumes in January.
      (Books will not be issued to the student until the semester tuition is paid in full.)
Option #3: Sign-up for monthly auto debit. Tuition payments will be drawn on the first or the tenth of each month.
For more information on tuition see our Financial Fact Sheet

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